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How to use the thread indicator gauge

Date : 2022-03-19 Visits : 674

A thread indicating gauges is a tool to measure the correctness of the internal thread size. There are various types of thread gauges, which can be divided into three types in terms of shape: common coarse thread, fine thread, and pipe thread. Plug gauges with a pitch of 0.35 mm or less, Class 2 accuracy and higher, and Class 3 accuracy with a pitch of 0.8 mm or less do not have a stop tip. Tapered shank thread gauges are used for gauges under 100 mm, and double handle thread gauges are used for gauges over 100 mm.

Thread indicating gauges use Ball bearing sliding measurement to ensure the measurement accuracy. A large free stroke ensures easy insertion of the measuring head. The force measurement is adjustable. All thread indicating gauges are equipped with a deviation table, which can also be connected to a pointer meter, digital meter, or sensor.They can be fixed on a table when measuring small workpieces. For inspection of internal threads, fillisters, and internal distances.